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With just a few hundred dollars and with no experience, Gary Bingham started The Bargain Warehouse. He began by purchasing a few pallets at a time and selling from a small storage location. Gary soon moved into a ten thousand square foot building and from there into today's 320-thousand square foot facility on over 95 acres. After 11 years of trial, and error, Gary has developed a business plan that will allow you to buy and sell pallets or truckloads, all through the internet allowing you to take advantage of our buying power coupled with online marketing support to jumpstart a growing wholesale bargain warehouse store. Our goal is to offer the lowest prices on superior quality wholesale products, general merchandise and the bargain warehouse merchandise. Over the years we have not only established a strong US presence for our wholesale products, general merchandise and the bargain warehouse merchandise but have also scripted an international success story Please continue browsing our website and then click on I WANT MORE INFO